Why take on the stress?

After a home is damaged, it can be a stressful and confusing process. Our mitigation company will take care of the burden for you by dealing with your insurance company, finding contractors, and making sure payments are correct. We want to make your life easier so that you can focus on healing from the damage and moving forward.

Partners Loss protects hundreds of homeowners each year.

Damage to your home can be devastating for your family. We are a trusted resource for homeowners who need help with a difficult and stressful insurance claim.

What we do:

  • Damage inspection / Property documentation
  • Policy evaluation to determine coverage
  • Filing the claim / handling the insurance side
  • Negotiating the settlement and restoring the property faster than you could alone

Hiring Partners Loss means you’ll have an insurance expert on your side throughout the complicated insurance claims process and get the settlement YOU deserve.

The Process

Damage Inspection

Always free of charge, we will bring whatever gear necessary to best evaluate your property

Policy Evaluation

To understand how to best help you, we look at your policy to determine if a claim should be filed

Create Insurance Scope

Using the same software Insurance companies use, we create a scope that is fair and complete

Negotiate Insurance Claim

We handle the negotiating for you, sit back as you let the professionals work for you

Complete the Work

Whether you want to keep your house the same, or change it up, we work with you to make you happy

Have our experts prepare a damage report for you.

We take the report and bring it to the insurance company, which is always going to be to your benefit. At no cost to you, you get an expert arguing on your behalf.  Partners Loss won’t rest until your claim has been settled fairly.