Vandalism Insurance Claims

Has your property been vandalized? Partners Loss Consulting will help you by taking on burden of handling your vandalism claims.

Recovering your losses in a vandalism claim can be tricky

Let Partners Loss’s experts actively expedite the slow process of recovering a settlement from a vandalism insurance claim. What we do:

  • Actively review your insurance policy, identify all coverages you are entitled to;
  • Thoroughly document your property damage and all contents;
  • Aggressively handle ALL communication with your insurance company;
  • Efficiently finalize your settlement faster.

Use our team of experts to quickly get the settlement your business or property deserves. Vandalism and malicious mischief can cause frustrating damage to homes, vehicles, and businesses. Additionally, graffiti, busted windows, slashed tires, destroyed landscaping, and other intentional property damage is upsetting and expensive to repair. Don’t go through the claims process alone – our public insurance adjusters can proactively help maximize your vandalism claim settlement.

We know exactly what documentation insurers require, from police reports to photographic evidence to repair estimates. Our specialists will thoroughly inspect and record all damage with date/time stamped photos, video, samples, and detailed descriptions. Furthermore, we’ll conduct background checks on suspects if known and provide all findings to strengthen your claim.

With our contractor connections, we can dispatch crews for emergency repairs to secure your property from further damage. For business losses, we’ll calculate lost income from closure, expenses from clean up/repair, and extra costs like security guards to get you fully compensated. Our public adjusters will actively handle all claim communication and negotiations to get you the maximum settlement you’re owed. Don’t let an act of vandalism go uncompensated – get the property damage and loss of income reimbursement you deserve with help from Partners Loss. Contact us today for a free claim review.

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